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This WebP to JPG image converter tool will be used to change the image format from WebP to JPG online for free. WebP is google recommended image format for web and social media.

WebP is a modern image format created by Google that was designed to be a replacement for JPEG and PNG. It offers superior lossless and lossy image compression.

How to do the WebP to JPG conversion?

  • Open the WebP to JPG converter, choose your image.
  • Our photo transformation web application will quickly convert your WebP file to JPEG image format.
  • Then, press the Convert button.
  • you can save the image to your device, By clicking the download button.


WebP is a relatively new image format developed by Google that offers superior compression compared to JPEG, PNG, and other image formats. While WebP is great for web use, some applications may not support it, and you may need to convert it to JPG format. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to convert WebP to JPG:


There are several online converters available that can convert WebP to JPEG. Here's how to use one of them, MaaTools.com:

  1. Visit the Maatools website at https://maatools.com/en/webp-to-jpg  and click the "Select Files" button.

  2. Choose the WebP file you want to convert WebP to JPG and submit it.

  3. Choose "JPG" as the output format from the dropdown menu.

  4. If you want to change the quality or size of the output JPG file, click on "Settings" and make your adjustments.

  5. Click the "Start Conversion" button to begin the conversion process.

  6. Once the conversion is complete, click the "Download" button to save the JPG file to your computer.



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