HTML Beautifier

HTML Formatter: 

Make your HTML code more readable by format or clean up dirty, Whitespace, disorganized HTML code with an Online HTML Beautifier. It identifies the HTML code properly between the style and script tags, the Online HTML optimizer also beautifies the CSS and Javascript.

This HTML code Enhancer will Format an HTML string/file with the indentation level you specify. The formatting rules are not editable, but they have already been optimized for the best looking and readability.


How to Beautify the HTML code online?

This online HTML Formatter will properly arrange HTML code, including syntax and tags, For beautification, It keeps the whitespace and line breaks but formats the code to make it easier to understand.

  1. Copy your original HTML script code and paste it into an online HTML Beautifier or Formatter.
  2. Click on the beautify option.
  3. It format the syntax, tags, abbreviations, and comments in your code
  4. Copy the enhanced HTML code from the output panel and use it as much as you want.
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