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Image Rotator online tool will help you to rotate your images in Clockwise or Anti Clockwise ( counter clock wise) directions.

How to Rotate Image online?

  • Choose your Photo file and upload it to the Online Image Rotator tool.
  • Select Clock wise or Anti Clock wise directions from the rotate settings menu (90, 180,270, 360).
  • Click the Rotate image button after you've made the correct direction.
  • Use the download button to save your file.


Picture Rotation Directions:

Rotate Image Clockwise:

If you click on  clock wise option, it turns the image into +90degree in the right side direction, in terms of 180, 270, 360 degrees. 

Rotate Image Anti Clockwise:

If you click on Counter clock wise option, it spins the image into -90degree in the left side (anti clockwise) direction, in terms of -180, -270, and -360 degrees. 

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