JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and CSV (Comma-Separated Values) are two prominent data storage and exchange formats. JSON is frequently used to represent complicated data structures, whereas CSV is a basic text-based format for storing tabular data.

Your JSON input is an array of objects formed up of name/value pairs. It can also be a single object created up of name/value pairs, a single object with one attribute made up of an array of name/value pairs, or several objects ma de up of numerous arrays of names/values. The array may be identified using Javascript notation.


How to Convert JSON to CSV file in online?

  • Open the MaaTools - JSON to CSV Converter online in your  browser.
  • Copy the JSON code from your source.
  • Paste code in Text box and press the Convert Button.
  • Copy the CSV and store it at secure place.


This free utility will convert your JSON data to a CSV file. JSON files are similar to text files, however, they contain array model data. You have an array of objects with a key-value structure. It might have multiple values for a single key or multiple values for several keys. CSV is organized data, similar to an Excel spreadsheet. To see CSV data in an organized manner, use a program such as MS Excel.

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